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Tianyin Orange(higher zeaxanthin)

Tianyin Orange is obtained from marigold flower by extraction and saponification process. Main ingredients are xanthophyll and zeaxanthin. By adopting special technology, part of xanthophyll are converted to zeaxanthin which changed the naturally existing ratio. Since the zeaxanthin ratio in xanthophyll is largely increased, with zeaxanthin itself orange color, the eggyolk and broiler / aquatic animals skin can achieve golden and orange color. It has the same function of paprika oleoresin powder and canthaxanthin and can replace them due to customers’ requirements.
  • Active Ingredients

    Its main components contain the lutein and zeaxanthin (from marigold)

  • Product Specs

    Xanthophyll 2%,with 20% Zeaxanthin;Xanthophyll 2%,with 35% Zeaxanthin

  • Application

    Tianyin orange is mainly applied to the coloring of yolk, skin and foot shin of poultry, and can also be applied to the coloring of shrimp, crab, soft-shelled turtle, monopterus albus and other aquatic organisms. It can be uniformly mixed in the feed, and can also be directly sprayed in the feed through spraying; and it has good coloring effect, therefore, it can meet the different demands of customers.

1. Highly saponified xanthophyll which greatly help poultry body to absorb the active ingredients.
2.Advanced processing technology and strict quality control guarantee good product stability and high efficiency.
3. Natural yellow carotenoids, natural ,healthier and reliable.
4.Good fluidity which is important to help mixing with premixture homogeneously.
vacuum package with 25kg aluminum foil bag.
Storage method: store in the shady and dry place, avoid the sun exposure, and please use as soon as possible after opening the package.
Shelf-life: 24 months