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Tianyin Yellow(Xanthophyll)

The main component of Tianyin yellow is Xanthophyll, which is stable and prepared by taking natural marigold flower as the raw material through the extraction, saponification and antioxidation process. Its main function is to improve the coloring of yolk, skin and foot shin of poultry and aquatic organisms. It is a natural plant colorant. The color quality of eggs can be changed by adding Tianyin yellow in the feed, so that the yolk, skin and others of poultry are golden yellow.
  • Active Ingredients

    Lutein and Zeaxanthin

  • Product Specs

    Powder: 2%,3%,4%,5%,6% Liquid: 1.5%,2%

  • Application

    The active ingredients in Tianyin Yellow is Xanthophyll. It is a kind of free lutein that obtained from marigold flower by extraction, saponification and Anti-oxidation processing. As a plant origin pigment, it is widely used to intensify the egg yolk, broiler skin and aquatic animal color. By adding Tianyin Yellow directly into the feed, egg yolk and broiler skin quality can be improved a lot and achieve the desired golden color.

1.The products are natural, healthy and reliable by virtue of lutein extracted from the natural marigold.
2. The absorption and use of animal are improved through the highly saponified lutein, and the coloring effect is better.
3. The product can be kept stable and efficient by virtue of advanced antioxidation process.
4. The fluidity is good, thus, ensuring the uniformity with mixing process of premixed feeds.
Tianyin yellow (Xanthophyll Powder): vacuum package in 25kg aluminum foil bag.
Tianyin yellow (Xanthophyll Liquid): 200kg/drum or 1000kg/drum.
Storage method: store in the shady and dry place, avoid the sun exposure, and please use as soon as possible after opening the package
Shelf Life: 24 months